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Optimized Operations:
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Customer Service

Elevate your customer interaction with our compassionate and proficient CSAT professionals. Our expertise lies in calming tense situations and overseeing call center operations to guarantee client satisfaction.

Back Office Processing

Revitalize your business functions with our committed back-office crew. With mastery in assorted software tools and diverse operational systems, we expertly manage a broad spectrum of tasks.

Sales / Appointment Setting / Lead Gen.

Supercharge your sales cycle with our tactical acumen. We implement industry-leading methodologies to boost lead development, meeting coordination, and conversion ratios.

Tech Support

Address technological hiccups effectively with our single-call resolution strategy. Our tech support virtuosos excel in handling and settling tickets, assuring unbroken operations.

Billing and Collections

Fortify your accounts receivable management with our thorough invoicing and collections approach. We aid in preserving a robust cash flow and precise fiscal records.

Why PartnerUp?


As a true BPO (Business Processes Outsourcing) group, we can support all major workflows for call center solutions to a full lead generation team.

Culture Drives Our Success

El Salvador

The Optimal Nearshore Destination for Call Center Services and Beyond.

With its time-zone compatibility (U.S. Mountain Time), El Salvador emerges as the ideal location for your call center services.

  • U.S. dollar as the official currency for streamlined financial transactions
  • Short 2-hour flights to major U.S. cities (over 20 daily flights) Cultural affinity: 2.3 million Salvadorans in the U.S. (35% of the population)
  • Seamless communication and stronger relationships with US-based customers

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